Haul-Out 2018

10/27/2018 all-day

Boats out! Crane day! All hands!

We have been postponed one week due to high winds. Now scheduled for Saturday, October 27.

Breakfast (starting around 6:30am, depending on crane’s arrival time) and lunch (depending on the crane schedule) are free for all hands helping that day. We aim to be working with the crane around 07:00.

– Everybody who is able should help. If your boat is not being pulled, you can get work hours for helping.
– Keep your stands off the grass until Friday, then put them in your assigned area.
– Know where your boat’s sling marks are. Mark them with temporary tape if they are hard to spot.
– For those who are new to this, if you have any questions, just ask. We were all new once!
– We start around 7-7:30am Saturday. Please be sure to get your stands in place Friday, and get everything ready to pull your boat.
– Keep your car (whether parked or moving!) out of the crane operations area once the crane arrives.
– Wear sturdy shoes and gloves if fingers and toes are important to you.
– Lunch, time TBA, depending on how things are going. Also free!
– Absolutely no alcohol use anywhere near the crane operations until after the work is done.
– If you are just coming to be a spectator please stay up by the club.
– Be safe. Listen to those in charge. Smile!
Here are maps showing the location of boats to be stored, subject to change. Please place your stands near your assigned location.