Spring Launch – Boats In!

04/26/2019 all-day


Due to Saturday’s forecast, launch day has been moved up to Friday, April 26. The crane is expected at 9am. 

Whether you call it launch day, crane day or boats in day, it’s the start of the season.

  • Breakfast provided for the workers at 6:30am. Be ready to start operations between 7 and 7:30am.
  • If there is any change in the schedule, you’ll be notified. If you don’t hear anything, there is no change.
  • If your boat is being launched, you or a representative must be there. If your boat is not being launched, you may earn work hours for helping.
  • Please follow directions from members in charge. Safety is our number one priority.
  • NO alcoholic drinks anywhere near where boats are launched.
  • Members need to wait until all boats are launched before working on their own boat.
  • If you are not helping launch the boats, please stay out of the way, and keep cars clear of the crane area.
  • Remove your stands, debris and litter A.S.A.P. after boats are in, and keep the grass area clear for mowing.