SRYC Survives Yet Another Flood

Near-record level flood waters raised the Illinois River to within a few inches of its all-time record flood level this week. The 7am river gauge at Ottawa on February 22 showed a crest of 471.4, just about 2 feet below the all-time high water level of April, 2013.

At SRYC, water came up to just below the level of the blacktop. The new docks floated up nicely, which is very good news. At this time, no boats are threatened. As waters recede, we’ll closely monitor the docks in case any get hung up on the way down.

Dee Bennett Road was temporarily closed during the height of the flood.

Here are some pictures, showing the water just starting  to come over the blacktop.

Photos:  Eric Jensen and Jason Corneglio


Frozen Harbor

A string of unusually cold days has created a thick layer of ice on the harbor. Thick enough, even, that an unnamed member took a spin on the ice in his pickup and backed into one of the new slips on B-dock. Don’t try this at home!

Thanks to Eric Jensen, who took this photo at sunset on New Years Day.