Mission & Core Values

SRYC is something special. Our view of the ever-changing river helps remind us to embrace each weekend and every season. The surrounding land, sculpted by glaciers thousands of years ago, symbolizes the permanence of our established and venerable organization. While not documented until recently, our Mission and Core Values have shaped the Club’s culture for nearly 80 years. Our mission:

“To be one of the premier yacht clubs on the Illinois River and serve as a responsible and respected member of the Ottawa community.”

As a committed and enduring group of volunteer members, one core value stands above all:

Acta non Verba.  (Latin for: Deeds not Words)

Other core values that guide the conduct and collective spirit of our membership are:

  • A shared enjoyment of recreational boating
  • A commitment to boating safety
  • Respect for the natural environment of our club and marina
  • Respect for the diverse talents and backgrounds of our members
  • A commitment to family, friends and to each other
  • A dedication to patronize and welcome our neighboring boat clubs