Stewardship is an important part of fulfilling the SRYC mission to serve as a responsible and respected member of the Ottawa community. This is true for the club, its select partners and our individual members.

We belong to the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. We help raise funds for the local firefighters and support Ottawa’s Independence Day fireworks. Each year we host S.R.Y.C. Charities’ Annual Ron Robb Special People’s Cruise to provide special needs adults a day of recreation, boating education and fun.

Our members also independently support and participate in other charities ranging from St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which helps children with cancer to “Out of the Darkness” which promotes suicide awareness and prevention. We encourage SRYC members to share the charities they participate in and we can add them to this page.

In 2008, “S.R.Y.C. Charities”, an independent not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization was formed to provide community outreach, education and recreation throughout the Illinois River Valley. This organization was incorporated by the membership of the Starved Rock Yacht Club. “The Charities” has since broadened its mission and reach beyond organizing The Annual Ron Robb Special People Cruise and today, also provide a number of grants through the S.R.Y.C. Charities “Giving Back” grant program.

The members of S.R.Y.C. Charities include boaters from the Starved Rock Yacht Club, their spouses, and designated family members. S.R.Y.C. Charities also welcomes participation from anyone who is interested in helping to give back to the community.

Read more about what S.R.Y.C. Charities and what they do for the community here and Get Involved!