Labor Day Bash!

Here’s the schedule for the weekend-long Labor Day Bash!

Wrist Bands: $2.00 each (Children: 5 & under are free)

Information on:

Dockage - Contact Art LeBeau @ 815-795-7146
Campers – Contact: Kevin Kwiat @ 815-341-3889 (text-please)

Schedule of Events

Friday (Sept. 4)
5 – 7 pm   Dinner: Loaded Nachos

Saturday (Sept. 5)
7 – 9 am   Breakfast Casserole, Toast, Cereal
Lunch & Dinner: Vendor Food
8:30 pm  Cody Calkins Band

Sunday (Sept. 6)
7 – 9 am   Full Breakfast
11 am – 1 pm Lunch
5 – 7 pm   Dinner
8 pm Vinyl Tap Band

Monday (Sept. 9)
7 – 10 am Continental Breakfast

Dog Contest (Saturday @ 11 am) – Judging for Costume & Talent – PRIZES!
We will have the Bags game and Horse Shoes.
You might even get in some boating!



Vinyl Tap

Cody Calkins Band

The River Calms Down (for Some)

The river level in the Ottawa pool is finally back to normal and predicted to stay that way! It’s been a long haul.
Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.46.45 PM

Our friends down river are not so lucky. Closed to recreational traffic below Lacon, lots of folks have been banned from boating on it for weeks. Peoria will be above flood stage for at least another week.
Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.50.56 PM

John Guider, who is trying to finish a 6,000 mile Great Loop journey in a one-man canoe, is stuck in Chillicothe. According to the blog on his website, he tried to talk the Coast Guard brass in St. Louis into making an exception to the boating ban, but no dice.

Hoping for no more downpours!